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Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Prostate cancer can be fickle. Some patients deal with prostate cancer the entire lives of theirs and never experience any problems. They never knew they had it, meaning they most likely did not experience any symptoms. Some other patients may experience symptoms. Signs are usually not contained in the early stages of prostate cancer.

SymptomsIf the patient does experience symptoms, usually these’re the symptoms that are associated with prostate cancer:· Having to urinate more frequently than normal· Not being ready to urinate at all· Having a weakened urine stream compared to usual· Difficulty trying to start the urine stream· Getting up in the evening to urinate· Having the sense that the bladder is not empty, even after urination· Pain or even burning sensation during urination· Blood in the urine· Blood in the semen· Pain in the low back, pelvic region, abdomen, or hip area

These symptoms can also be the result of other related factors, so do not jump to conclusions. To have an enlarged prostate also can lead to several of these exact same symptoms , as well as urinary tract infections and prostatitis (an infection inside the prostate).

In case you are experiencing any of these signs, contact your physician to plan an exam.

DiagnosisThe physician will be able to perform one or maybe two tests to determine whether this cancer is present. The assessments are the digital rectal exam and also the PSA blood test. Both assessments will likely be performed with little discomfort and pain to the affected person, and benefits may either come immediately (with a digital rectal exam) and within a few days (with a PSA blood test).

With all the earliest stages of prostate cancer, the digital rectal exam will not identify anything because the tumor is simply too little to really feel or to be obvious. This is why the PSA blood test is conducted. Since the approval of the PSA blood test, more and more individuals are now being diagnosed with prostate cancer in the earlier phases. Because of this, treatment is working, which is mainly responsible for the survival rate to climb and the death rate to drop.

Emergency SymptomsEmergency symptoms include lower back pain, blood in the urine, or even discontinued urination. Most these symptoms are able to lead to the death of the individual if they’re caused by untreated prostate cancer. Contact a physician or visit the emergency room right away if loss of urination occurs. Contact a physician just if you experience lower back pain or blood in the urine; they may need to perform tests immediately.

Lower back painfulness can be caused by back pressure which has built up on the kidneys because reviews of prostadine a blockage; along with a blockage could cause damage to the kidneys. Loss of urination, if not treated, can easily result in death.Even in case you show absolutely no signs or symptoms of prostate cancer, please schedule an annual exam to ensure that you may be examined once a year for the illness. Remember, sometime prostate cancer grows slowly and doesn’t show any symptoms, therefore it can only be detected through an exam.


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