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The Way Turmeric Helped Cure My Prostate Cancer and Turmeric Health Benefits

My life had been rescued because of turmeric. I underwent Prostate Cancer in 2012. It is really a nerve – racking experience to learn that you have cancer. Fortunately, I had simply begun a ten week secondment in a remote part of Western Australia when my doctor phoned me to let me know the bad news.

When I point out that was lucky, I mean it provided me and my partner Joy the chance to do lots of research prior to deciding a course of action. Bad Joy had to live alone for ten weeks after I informed her of her diagnosis during the very first week of my absence. Not something you would like to hear from your partner when you wont see them for 10 weeks.

It provided us both opportunity to think about it without getting a knee jerk reaction on the news and without going straight to surgery or chemotherapy. Which is exactly what my doctor was hinting at.

Growing your prostate taken out could cause all kinds of problems to your nerves around your waterworks and that is not a thing I was looking to experience.


Our investigation discovered that there was natural ways to deal with this situation which were better and more effective than conventional methods. And they involved no invasive surgery, hospitalization or chemicals.

Joy heard about a male named Don Tolman and he was going to Gold Coast for a seminar a short time after I was because of get back home.

The full Food Cowboy, known as Don, offered me incredible insight into the prostadine human body. I’ve discovered a lot from Don in a very short amount of time.


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