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The Treatment of Rheumatism by Herbal Medicine

Rheumatism is quite a similar condition to arthritis but impacts muscles in addition to joints.

Sadly by time Rheumatism patients show up to see me they’ve usually had the state for many years resulting in degeneration (breakdown) of the joint lining as well as stiffening of the muscle groups. They have a long history of taking strong anti inflammatories, pain killers and maybe steroids. I know the joints and muscles are inflamed and painful but pain tells us when you ought to stop doing something and prostadine directions ( if it’s masked then there is a possibility the joint is required beyond its capability causing further destruction of the joint itself.

So the first advice of mine is usually to continually be aware of the limits of a rheumatic joint and only put it to use almost as is comfortable.

A lot of people report that it’s worsened by damp weather so keeping dry and warm in cool damp weather is important.

The Romans acquired England too cold for them and thus imported nettles to grow. They then used to flail their joints with the nettles!! This improved the blood flow to the joint warming them up. I don’t suggest carrying this out. I tried it previously and it is incredibly painful and then you are left with the sting for years. We have the Romans to thank for nettles as well as lawn snails!!

Diet is vitally important but people that are different find their condition may react to foods that are different. The norm is usually to radically decrease the intake of wheat and dairy and don’t eat some tomatoes and oranges. The acid in these two foods is not broken down by the body so creates an acidic environment which is not ideal for bones and also the urinary system. Many rheumatism patients find eating meat is going to increase inflammation. The idea here’s keeping a watch on your diet to see if any nuts do make your rheumatism even worse. When they do, you might be required to go to a nutritionist to eliminate these food substances while keeping a nutritious diet.

Drink lots of water.

Any inflammatory condition I approach in the same way


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